Kimono MAXX Large Flair Condom 12 Pack (9852.022)

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Kimono MAXX has a very large size and is ideal for well-endowed users who want to enjoy sex without having to wear an overly tight condom with an incorrect shape. Just like the regular Kimono condoms, the Max is made with premium latex with a lightweight and silky feel as well as a wider curved shaped head for a roomier fit.

The Kimono Maxx comes from the same manufacturers of the Kimono MicroThin condoms. These Maxx condoms have a width that is slightly larger, especially at the head where it boasts a flared out shape. As it pertains to the size, the Maxx are longer and wider than the average. Users will get a more comfortable feel where the condom flares outwards at the head to a diameter of 60mm. The ultra-thin latex and the extra head room combines to make the Maxx a huge favorite among condom users.

Kimono MAXX Features:

  • Micro thin latex for more sensitivity;
  • A little larger than standard condoms;
  • Lubricated with reservoir end;
  • For contraception and STI protection.
  • The Kimono MAXX condoms are really unique with their thinner latex combines with a roomier and more comfortable shape.