Tenga Flip Zero Gravity Masturbator

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A new frontier for the sensational FLIP ZERO. The FLIP ZERO Series have proven popular for their bold and thick internal details that provide an enveloping stimulation from all angles; however, the thickness of these details also make it difficult to move the item vigorously during use. The new FLIP ZERO GRAVITY still provides intricate, stimulating details but with a twist of denser internal details at a lower elevation, for stimulation that won't get in the way of smooth stroking. You can now move the item up and down faster for even stronger sensations.

Pressure Pads: Easy to handle pads that allow you to change the pressure with your grip.

FLIP Style: The item flips open for easy washing, and allows the molding of intricate internal details. TENGA's High-End Lineup

Sensational and Ergonomic: The Slide Arms make opening and closing the item a breeze, and with the hinge located at the entry point there is a strong vacuum seal with little lubricant leakage.


Easy to Dry: Two simple methods of drying the item! (First introduced by the FLIP ZERO EV)

Hygienic Storage Case: After use and cleaning, the clear storage case makes it easy to store.

Product Body: Elastomer , PC, GPPS, ABS, Silicone

Product Size: W80×D70×H180mm ( W3.15×D2.76×H7.1 inches)