Primal Intense Virility Cream (22.060)

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Primals super intense sexy sensation is quick acting and lasting. It unleashes a pure animalistic, primordial sexual punch you can feel. Fun, adventurous and highly sensual it’s unlike anything else.

For year's nature has provided what it is PRIMAL men seek, to enhance their sensual experience. We have taken these natural ingredients and bottled them so that men young and old can enjoy the feeling of a mind blowing, super-charged, explosive sexual experience.

Scientifically studied, PRIMAL's natural plant extracts and enzymes work in synergy with the body to create a very powerful sensation unlike any other. The lasting, deeply-erotic sensation and intensity of arousal will leave you sensually charged and ready for action, like never before!

Unlike tablet form products availalble on the market, PRIMAL can be used at any time of the day, is fast acting and intensely sensual. Once applied, you won't be able to ignore the feeling in your engine room!

Act on your instinct!

* Powerful & Intensely sensual

* Sustained lasting pleasure

* Allows greater spontaneity

* Convenient - Natural - Fun