Oxballs Pup Balls Silicone Ball Stretcher

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Whether you’re a sweet playful pup or a snarlin’ leg humpin’ horndawg, PUP BALLS is the best of both worlds for all you dog-boys.
PUP BALLS is a soft n’ super squishy ballstretcher modeled after a studded collar.
It’s made from our signature Pure Platinum grade silicone so it’s fleshy n’ stretchy…great for comfortable wear and use while you’re out n’ waggin’ around.
The outside of PUP BALLS has a subtle textured hammered metal effect and dual “Bad Dog” and “Puppy” tags on either side.
Your drippin’ bone will be steel hard with PUP BALLS swingin’ on your sack while you pup out on all fours.
Lube safe: Waterbased (recommended), silicone based, hybrid, oil based
Cleaning: detergent and hot water, diluted bleach/water solution, dishwasher.
Made in the USA
Pure Platinum Silicone
Stats (Approximate):
Height: 1.5”/ 3.81 cm
Outside Circumference: 6.5”/ 16.51 cm
Inside Circumference: 3.75”/ 9.525 cm
Weight: 2.2 oz