Oxballs Pig-Hole Squeal Fuckplug

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PIGHOLE SQUEAL FF is our biggest pluggable, fuckable, FFistable hollow fuckplug.  This is a big toy for advanced butt-pluggers and FFisting pros, that love a big gape, that use huge dildos, that take a FFist (or two). 

 The veiny outside texture keeps this plug in place, the inner texture rings feel amazing for the plug fucker. 

We hand pour these in small batches in Los Angeles—it’s the only way to get the warm glossy liquid silicone finish—Platinum Cure silicone is the absolute best for feel and flexibility.  Just the right stretch, keeps the hole open, it doesn’t collapse, but flexible enough to fold for insertion. 

Big toy users know this stuff—it really is the absolute best. 

Hand-making these incredible fuckplugs allows us to put a lot of color in the toys, really rich color—our new EGGPLANT is so saturated and deep, it has a bit of fluorescence, like a pink tinge around the edges. 

Oxballs invented the fuckplug, we make a bunch of shapes and sizes—this one is our hugest size for the really big hungry holes.  We make our PIGHOLE toys here in LA using a technique that doesn’t have mold lines (they can irritate and ruin the experience using big toys).  

PIGHOLE SQUEAL FF are difficult to make and can only be made in small batches, but it’s the only way and so worth it. This silicone is the most popular material—keeps your hole open but not too hard, perfect for keeping that gape open.  

If you want a softer more stretchy version, (not the best GAPE-KEEPER), that can stretch for bigger toys or maybe two fists, try the MORH BLUE version…it’s a strange rubbery platinum silicone that is fleshier and stretchier, it really feels like it’s part of you—it’s the same silicone the movie industry uses for hyper realistic human parts.

Original design copyright OXBALLS  Pure Platinum Silicone 100% Silicone.  Non-toxic, phthalate free.  The best quality, purest silicone.  Hand poured in small batches.  Hand finished.  LUBE SAFE:  Water-base, Hybrid, Oil base.  Silicone not recommended.  CARE:  Wash after use in warm soapy water, Dishwasher safe.  Store toys separately:  we recommend breathable cloth pouches or cotton socks. 

Length: 6.25”/ 15.88 cm