Oxballs Miguel Uncut Cocksheath

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Are you a foreskin fanatic? Are you a cut dude that’s always wondered what it would be like to have a thick droopy snout of your own?

Or maybe you’re just the kinda guy who can never get too much uncut meat…well, if any of the above describes you…you’re gonna fuckin’ be all over our new cocksheath, MIGUEL.

MIGUEL is a meaty, vein-covered cock with a realistic hood and thick piss slit.

MIGUEL attaches to your junk by a built in cock-sling base and melds to your cock like a second skin--it's made from our signature FLEX-TPR so it’s blubbery and squishy…makes your meat look and feel just like a pumped up monster hog.

Coat the inside with lube, pop your meat in, pull your nuts through the sling, and you’re ready to sink your uncut dick balls deep up a beefy butt.

MIGUEL’s soft material and hollow chamber create a sloppy suckin’ sensation that works your cock while you work over a puffy pucker.

If you want a really tight grip on your meat we recommend “burping” out any excess air by tightly squeezing the length of MIGUEL down to the base.

The built in sling and suction keeps your dong plumped and MIGUEL held to your meat no matter how hard you’re pumpin’ his hungry hole, stays on wth erection or without.  

MIGUEL adds width and length to any dick, if you are hung it stretches to fit...

Not as hung or wanna fuck but not always rock-hard? MIGUEL sucks down on your meat and locks in place by squeezing the air out of the hollow inside chamber.  

For a tighter fit, MIGUEL comes with one "nub" insert that is designed to “lock” into the hollow chamber making the inside shaft shorter by about 1".

The inside chamber is about 7", you can use additional optional bullet "nubs" for a custom fit.

Made in CHINA…design copyright OXBALLS

FLEX-TPR safe, non-toxic…and phthalate free

Lube safe: water-based, oil based, water/silicone hybrid, silicone lubes, always wash any stretchy toy in warm soapy water after use and store all stretchy toys so they do not touch each other.


Overall Length: 8.25”

Inner Core Length: 7"

Insertable Toy Length: 7.25”

Circumference: 7"

Weight: 7.5