Oxballs Mega Squeeze Ball Stretcher

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MEGA SQUEEZE ergo-fit “squeeze” ballstretcher by OXBALLS

It’s just like SQUEEZE but a bit bigger and shaped to hold your sack up or down by OXBALLS

MEGA-SQUEEZE is our ergo-shape hourglass-squeeze version of our most popular SQUEEZE ballstretcher—seriously the best ballstretcher we’ve ever made…until MEGA!

MEGA-SQUEEZE fits better, its shaped to curve around your nuts while pushing them down a bit further than our original, it’s a little taller with a wider with a oval inner shape that forms around your sack, and it’s got the same inner ballrings that help keep your balls stretched down in their bag.

Made of our stretchy flexTPR, it’ll keep the grip firm enough with a rubbery comfortable stretch.

The MEGA-SQUEEZE design has more grip in the middle where you want it and less at the nut/sack openings top and bottom…all with a rubbery fat lip for longer wear comfort.  We curved the sides up to form around your nuts while sack-stretching…or you can rotate it to push your balls even further down.

MEGA-SQUEEZE may be the best fit, most versatile ballstretcher design we make, it just does so much more!


  • SQUEEZE but with bigger, better ergo fit
  • More squeeze in middle, inner ball-rings
  • Fat rim for nut-comfort
  • Soft-stretch for longer comfort wear
  • Ergo shape keeps sack held-down
  • Glossy slick flexTPR


Width: 2.25”/ 6 cm

Depth: 2”/ 5 cm

Outer circumference: 6.5”/ 17 cm

Inner Circumference: 4”/ 10 cm

Weight: 1.8 oz/ 51 g