Oxballs Bull Horned Cockring

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BULL cockring wraps your dick and balls in super squishy silicone, add swagger to your junk...just the right size to wear for a long and hard night. It's that perfect size that grips your meat but not so tight it gets uncomfortable.

Made from our own blend of pure platinum silicone, it has a blubbery squishy warm feel.  We love silicone cockrings, you can wear them longer and they are much more comfortable than most other materials.

The details make this one cool, a nose ring on the stylized snout and smooth horns at the top, but don't worry, the horns are rubbery so they won't poke some poor dick-suckers eye out...

BLACK is our favorite color in, its got a devilish look but the ZINK metallic shows off the design best...the BLUEBALLS color is a deep rich iridescent blue...

Pure Platinum Silicone

Made in USA  Lube safe: water-based (recommended), oil base, hybrid.  Cleaning: Detergent and hot water, dishwasher, diluted bleach/water solution

Stats (Approximate):

Inner Circumference: 4.3"

Inner Diameter:  1 3/8"

Thickness:  Ring 3/4", Horns:  2.2"

Weight: 3.8