Oxballs Boss Slider Plug

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Turn your tight hole into a greedy cock guzzlin’ gaper with BOSS, the fat new ass plugger from OXBALLS.

The base is designed to strap onto a buttplug harness for hours and hours of asshole openin.’ The soft pliable silicone in combination with a harness will keep your pucker comfortably stuffed all day.

Harness or no, the tapered chode shape and flared dick head guarantee that once BOSS is in, it ain’t goin’ anywhere until you pull it out… stretch your hole just how you like it…

Available in two girthy sizes guaranteed to get you nice n’ wide…

After a few hours with BOSS your stretched asslips will be ready to swallow almost any dick.   



Lube safe: silicone, waterbase (recommended), hybrid, oil base. Clean with detergent and hot water or a diluted water/bleach solution 

(Approximate Dimension)

Small (1):

Insertable Length: 4”/ 10.16 cm

Max Circumference: 5.75”/ 14.61 cm

Min Circumference (base): 3.75”/9.53 cm

Baseplate: 4.25” long x .75” tall/ 10.80 cm x 1.91 cm

Large (2):

Insertable Length: 4.5”/11.43 cm

Max Circumference: 7”/17.78 cm

Min Circumference (base): 4.5”/11,43 cm

Baseplate: 4.25” long x .75” tall/ 10.80 cm x 1.91 cm