Mr B Leather Wrist Wallet

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A Mister B Wrist Wallet is a wrist band and a wallet in one. Hand crafted of jeans leather and lined on the inside, these wallets are ideal to store your party money or drink coupons when you‰۪re going into town or to a party.

These are wrist wallets without a zip to close the money compartment; for those of you who prefer not to feel the runner of the zip on the wrist.

  • Approximately 8.5 cm high
  • Closes with three buttons
  • With money compartment on the inside. Not zipped.
  • Three available sizes:
    • Medium: wrist circumference 19.5 cm (length of wallet 21.5 cm)
    • Large: wrist circumference 22.5 cm (length of wallet 23.5 cm)
    • XL: wrist circumference 23 cm (length of wallet 25 cm)