Hummer Max Sleeve Rechargeable Vibrating Masturbator (VIZ0412)

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Hummer Max: The Hummer Max vibrating masturbator increases your overall experience when using the Hummer 1.0 or Hummer 2.0.

This uniquely designed vibrating masturbator which has a hair-like texture and is 6.5 inches deep, can be used with or without the Hummer BJ machine. Call it a little something more from us, a detachable product that can replace the interior of the Hummer 1.0 or the Hummer 2.0.
Masturbator with vibration options designed to fully stimulate men.

A motor with ten vibration modes, submersible, lockable for travel and very quiet.

First of all, masturbators are not exclusive to women. The best vibrators for men have the power to transform your sex life. Did you know that penile masturbators are erection stimulators?

Not only do they strengthen your erections, they can also help maintain longer erections and help you consistently delay ejaculation. This is especially beneficial for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. They are basically organic, non-chemical alternatives to little blue organic pills that have good vibes.

So how do you get the benefits ??
First by placing the vibrating masturbator on your penis, the vibrating stimulation will give you an erection faster and make more blood flow to the penis. As with Viagra, pumps, rings and other penis stimulators, the key to a full erection is blood circulation. Due to vibrational stimulation, more blood flows freely to the penis, resulting in better erectile function and faster, longer lasting erections.

Plus, adding a male masturbation toy, such as a vibrating masturbator, will give you stronger erections. This is what will lead to increased penetration during sex, better confidence and a better sexual experience for both of you. Of course we all know that nothing is sexier than confidence. When your partner is rewarded with targeted clitoral stimulation, it can lead to arousing orgasms for you.

Discover more fun ?!

Switching from a manual masturbator to a vibrating masturbator can take your masturbation to the next level. Of course, you've only been using your hands for years, we get it! Also, using a male masturbator as a massager during masturbation will make you feel like you were when you first masturbated.

The Hummer Max vibrating masturbator has ten vibration modes and is fully submersible.