ES Collection Spider Short Sleeved Shirt (SHT026)

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Embrace The Allure Of Sheer Confidence.

The Spider Short Sleeves Shirt allows you to unveil your charm and beauty.

And like the baby spider who wanted to become a web designer when he grew up... why not dress for success at the office in this stunning avant-garde shirt?

Ultra-unique fabric with part-mesh, part-geometric pattern inserts - it´s a web of ingenuity.

Super-sleek and sexy, this visually-intriguing fabric is made with a distinctive mesh material - in both transparent and opaque applications - all over.

Material is stretchable and form-fitting, giving a sleek silhouette.

Standing mandarin-style collar.

Buttons from collar go all the way to base of garment.

ES Collection silicone label, colour-coded to garment.

96% Polyamide - 4% Elastane

Proudly Deisgned & Made in Barcelona.