ES Collection Siren Harness (PU511)

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WARNING: May Cause Shipwrecks.

The Siren Harness - dangerously sexy.

The mythical sirens of the sea that would lure seamen to their untimely demise in the ocean won´t even come close to how you will slay seamen in this harness.

Captivate like a siren, and let the fantasies set sail. 

Stunningly-sexy design with form fitting cut and majestic fabric. Material so beautiful everyone - including you - will be mesmerized. 

Recycled plastic thread material is used to make this harness - which means less plastic bottles in the ocean. 

Gorgeous multi-colour fabric with colour blend of golden-sand. turquiose & mermaid-green.

ES Collection silicone label on rear.

89% PES Recycled - 8% Elastane- 3% Polyamide.

Proudly Designed & Made in Barcelona