Endgel Anal Pleasure & Comfort (22.040)

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The world's best Anal Conditioning Gel.

ENDGEL is truly the be all and end all of anal conditioning comfort gels available on the market today. Our intimate pleasure anal gel will have you experiencing heightened sensations, sending your partner on the ultimate sensual journey!

ENDGEL is naturally inspired because Mother Nature knows best. Formulated in Australia it is used in the playful expansion of your sexual horizons.

Just a small amount of ENDGEL rubbed on the outside of the anus will have you aching to receive a visit. Take it with you wherever you go because this pocket sized pump dispenses just the right amount, leaving you in control.

With some patience and practice you can achieve amazing stimulation and pleasure. By using ENDGEL prior to applying a good quality lubricant, your sex life will be taken to unbelievable new heights.

ENDGEL is a unisex product so whether you're male or female, gay or straight, a couple or even playing on your own, ENDGEL will add a generous pinch of spice to your sexual pot.

ENDGEL is a wonderfully erotic and super sensual anal gel that can take comfort and pleasure to wickedly good levels. Fun, instantly absorbed and quick acting - it’s the perfect little helper in your tool box.

* Quick acting

* Anal Comfort

* Seriously Sensual

* Intimately adventurous

* Simplifies the sexual journey