Dr. Joel Prostate Massager (5642.03.2)

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The Dr Joel Kaplan Prostate Massager is the ideal toy for men who want to explore the pleasure of P-spot massage.  Slim, vibrating and angled just right, this P spot vibrator is great for beginners who seek to discover the joys of stimulating the prostate.

Like the G spot in women, the P spot has many nerve endings that make that area intensely arousing, even multi-orgasmic.  Yes, with prostate play men can learn to have multiple orgasms, without having to ejaculate, by allowing multiple waves of sexual pleasure to peak again and again.

Achieving multiple orgasms and prostate pleasure is much easier with a prostate massager and this toy is perfectly designed to accommodate those goals.

The slim body of this massager is a bit larger than a finger, so not at all intimidating to the first time user with a 6 1/2" insert-able length.  The head is angled to press against the prostate, while the hard plastic resonates strong vibrations.  Contrary to popular belief, vibrators are not only for women, and many men enjoy the pleasures of vibration as well.  In fact, vibration next to the prostate can be almost unbearably pleasurable.  And, this toy has the vibrating component near the insertable end, just where you need it for maximum vibration. Add to that, a multispeed dial at the base, this vibe goes from mild to intense in mere seconds.

The toy is made from ABS plastic, which is body safe and non-porous, so won’t harbor bacteria if properly cleaned after use.  The smooth plastic also makes it very easy to insert.  Better still, this vibrator is completely waterproof, so adds much more fun to the bath or shower.  Just the right size, this prostate toy is an excellent tool for anal beginners.