Clone-A-Willy Silicone Vibrating Kit

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Is your partner gone away and you miss him and his penis? With “Clone-A-Willy” miss him no longer when you feel the need for an intimate moment. Make an exact vibrating silicone copy of your partner’s penis and he will still be with you when he is away. This light skin toned clone-a-willy kit has everything you need to keep at least part of him close to you. The mold will capture the incredible life-like details from your partner which makes this the most personalized sex toy you can have. This one will also vibrate. This is great as a gift. Fun and easy to do, don’t let him have all the fun making it himself, make his penis together.

  • Do-it-yourself at home penis molding kit with built in vibrator
  • Great as a gag gift or to keep your partner from missing you
  • Make a life-like vibrating replica of yours or your partners penis 
  • Medically tested molding powder captures incredible detailing 
  • Molding powder is algae based and body safe  
  • Medical grade silicone mixing powder is latex free
  • Free from heavy metals and phthalates for your safety
  • All ingredients are hypoallergenic and non-irritating
  • Kit comes with everything you need to create your personalized vibrating dildo
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • 1 AA battery required for vibrator (not included)
  • Use safely with any water based lubricant
  • Easily cleans with antibacterial cleaner
  • Vibrator Length - 5.25"
  • Molding Tube Length - 11"
  • Molding Tube Diameter - 2.5"