Advanced Nipple Suckers (2644.03.3)

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Made of firm yet pliable PVC, these suckers are easy to use: just squeeze the bulb and apply to nipples.  The natural vacuum created will suction the nipples inside and hold them in place, enhancing nipple stimulation by increasing circulation and exciting the nerve endings.  This allows you to enjoy nipple play much more either with your partner or solo.  For added suction and stimulation apply a small amount of tingling lubricant or minty chapstick to make those nipples really come alive.

Made to fit most nipples, even large ones, the suction hole is 1” in diameter with 2 ¼” in length for lots of room to perk your nipples up.  Leave on for at least a 1/2 hour, and your nipples will stay erect for a long while.  With continued, daily use, these nipple suckers can permanently enlarge the nipples and keep them erect.