Addicted Velvet Shady Harness (AD1236)

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Slay The Day The Velvet Way

Dare to be different - wrap your shoulders in luxurious velvet fabric & wear a harness that is truly unique.

Step into a world of velvet allure with this shoulder-sweeping harness - because being ordinary is so last season.

Velvet swagger material that feels exquisite & regal - while being risque at the same time.

It's a harness that turns your upper torso into a work of renaissance art.

Velvet is a silky & soft material, but also a strong & robust fabric due to its unique weaving method.

Stretchy, gorgeously soft material front & back.

ADDICTED silicone label on rear.

85% Polyamide - 15% Elastane

Proudly Designed & Made in Barcelona